Chito Miranda & Neri Naig Video Scandal Part 2

Almost two several weeks after the Chito Miranda-Neri Naig video scandal appeared, another video has released on the internet - a part two of the scandalous video that rocked regional showbiz.

The new video scandal of Chito and Neri was said to be 11 minutes long. The Parokya Ni Edgar artist is not in the country at this time but with the today's technological innovation, I’m sure someone has already advised him about the new video.

The first video scandal became one of the most well-known news in beginning Aug. It was allegedly a personal video that was stored in the hard drive stolen from Chito’s home.

Chito Miranda & Neri Naig Video Scandal Part 2 - Chito and Neri have been together as a couple for two years now. With the flow of the second video scandal, many people believe that there are more of such video clips of the two. A collection perhaps?

Chito Miranda & Neri Naig Video Scandal Part 2

Obviously, there is a follow up to the much-talked about movie scandal of Parokya ni Edgar artist Chito Miranda and "Star Group Quest" alum Neri Naig that hit the web in This summer.

Netizens are abuzz once again of the so-called Chito Miranda And Neri Naig Scandal Video Part 2. According to speaks on public social networking websites on Thursday, the new movie is more than 11 moments long.

Miranda and his group are currently in Ireland in europe for a sequence of reveals. It is not yet certain whether or not they are conscious of the leak of the second movie.

Chito Miranda & Neri Naig Sex Video Part 2 - Miranda had said that their computer hard generate got thieved from their space. He also desired for help from regulators to figure out who submitted it clip online.

Naig, however, informed the press that she closed herself within her space for two several weeks because of what occurred.

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